Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Once again, the Song is being Sung - Amazing Grace

This time, this song really carried a greater meaning. I sang this song with my brother playing the guitar for my Grandma, next to her casket. Our "mini concert" to send her off....
Amazing Grace, Shen Ming Zhong De Bao, Jesus...

In the Spirit, a Song was Sung,

(not actual words)
You welcome me Home with open arms
You receive my spirit, receive my soul
Now that i'm coming home
Now I'm Coming Home
Now I Know I'm Home

She lies there so peacefully, having a smile on her face. And i know that she is with God now.
To realise that Amazing Grace is Ah-Mah's Favorite song. It truely bought Peace to the whole family. Choir. thank you for ministering to my family.

Ah-Mah, till the day we meet again, continue praying for us....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Amazing Grace, HOw Sweet the Sound

You never grasps the full meaning till you are experiencing it...
Sat, a group of us attended a wake and crementation at Mandai. Pst was talking about Uncle 's Graduation. Though he passes on, he is now at a place where he meets God face to face. He has passed through the testing on earth and graduated!

When the body was entering, all of us sang Amazing Grace, The Love of God just filled the whole Viewing Hall.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why put them in and think that we will lead them astray?

There have been 2 calls so far that i receive from people who have not have first hand experience with us and feel that we will lead their people astray. I'm not very certain of which part of the RELEASE INTO is not clear and if they are afraid, then should they consider taking them out? Selah.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a challenging week for me. Z was admitted to hospital on last Wed, 5th Mar due to an headache. The Headache was too severe and a test has to be done on him. Later did we find out that it was a Blood Clot that is pressing on the middle of the Brain. A biopsy test has to be done to determine what the alien thingy is.

His head was later stapled with 12 stapled... It look like a scene from Tim Burton.. heheh..

Today, he'll be discharge. PTL!

Tonight, i have to pack my stuff to prepare for my Aussie Trip... Flying down to Sydney on A380! Hehe... The Prestigious New Singapore Airline Plane.. Weeee... hehehe.... will update the trip again!!! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Been a While Hasn't It...

Hi Peps... Thanks for looking at my blog after such a long time.. hehehe...

The pass few months has been full of interesting things that passed by without me really noticing....

14 days of Christmas Caroling at Singapore Changi Airport
Sleeping on Christmas Nite
Count Down at ViVO.
In Jan, I lost my phone and contacts.
Blessed with a new company phone N95, and purchased a Sony Ericsson W980i.
I even flew to Thailand for 4 days and spend a few hundreds there. Buying jeans without a blink of the eye.
Had a great fall at Sentosa and couldn't sing for 2 weeks.
Blessed with a increment of 35%.
New Services launch, didn't see my CG for a month plus.
Dong Dong Chiang! Chinese New Year!
Watch Fireworks at Esplanade!
Spend Valentine with friend for Sushi, while looking at all the Love Birds.
Ah Meng passed away.
Ah Tiang's Birthday.
Sing BV for a few weeks. Shiok! Heheh Loved it!!!
1st time didn't attend CG cos i was very sick
2nd time didn't attend CG due to OPM
Fion's Wedding round the corner, i help to plan
Tried a Vegetarian Western Food at Chinatown. Nice and Starchy.. hehhe
Ate Prata at Thomson Prata House twice in a week.... Thurs and Sun! Heheheh

Ally's Weddding was held at Park Royals on Monday 03/03/08. The Food has a nice selection!!! The best of it all to round up the night, i took a London Cab Home. ALL BY MYSELF!!! Shiok!!! hahaha.....

Tues 04/03/08
Went Dim Sum with Gr and Le and their CG members... a little out of place, but it was a nice fellowship. Hahahaha...

and today, me sick again... Still forced myself to come to work. Hahaha... but my heart cannot take it liao... need to go home to orr orr...

Tomolo going to finalise Fion's Wedding Plan (Hope the Sisters will not Sabo us too much)

Flying off the Sydney next Sun. Directly after Fion's Wedding. So it's Yum Seng and I'M OUTTA THERE... hahhaa.... Not sure what to expect.... but pray for me k. It's the time difference that i'm a little worried.. hehe.... 3 hour leh... i might reach at 3am there and work starts at 8... hahaha... PTL!

Will try to keep you all the trip! hehehe... For Now, Take CAre Everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me....

4th Nov was really the most wonderful day... Though alot of conspiracy hor.... But I'm truely blessed!!!
What I am blessed with...
- Espirit Bag (my colleague)
- IP Zone T-Shirt (CG)
- Beanie Red Bear called Thomas (CHC Choir)
- Skinny Tie (CHC Choir)
- A Sweater that Eileen Loves alot!!! and i mean she likes it alot alot.. hahaha... (CHC Choir)
- V neck T-Shirt (CHC Choir)
- Accessories (CHC Choir)
- Espirit T-Shirt (Jie and Gang)
- Braun-Buffel Wallet (CC Choir)
- Marina Sq Vouchers (CC Choir)
- Beetle Bug Bag (Dialect BV)
- Dinner at Sake (Jen and Na)
- T-shirt from Converse (Jen and Na)
- Topman Credit card (Jen and Na)
- Fox T (Ms Grin and Pete)
- Fox T (Lexx)

But have not gotten my first wish though.. hehehhe.... But i must say, I'M TRUELY BLESSED!